PDR is on the rise

PDR continues to become increasingly popular do to the broad range of damage which can be repaired. Yet still, very few consumers are aware this process exists. Widespread use of high strength metals and modern paint finishes enable PDR to become a viable alternative to traditional body repair techniques.

You take great pride in your vehicle – do your best to make sure it remains in perfect condition. But you cannot always protect it from mother nature – especially sudden and unexpected hailstorms. For those times you need an expert in automotive hail repair: Confident PDR

Confident PDR have been leaders in the PDR industry since 2001 and are recognized as an approved repair facility with many insurance companies. We work directly with your insurance company facilitating your claim and having your vehicle restored as quick as possible.

There’s nothing like driving your own vehicle. With the efficient and accurate evaluation team at Confident the job is done right the first time, thus limiting the time you are without your vehicle. Our locations across Canada mean that we will be there to help you whatever your location.

Why Choose Confident PDR?

We Treat Our Customers Right

We Treat Our Customers Right

Confident boasts having the most thorough and accurate hail appraisal team available. When a storm rolls through the amount of claims can easily be in the thousands. This can be both overwhelming and intimidating. Time is of the essence and Confident understands this.

You Will Save Money

You Will Save Money

Our team is trained to best deal with these situations effectively and efficiently eliminating the stress to insurance companies and preferred/non-preferred body shops alike. Confident’s nation wide program means your claims will be addressed correctly the first time.

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We are a leader in hail dent repair

Traditional body repair is a major and costly undertaking which can involve removing whole sections of your car’s exterior, welding in new panels and performing a complete paint job.

New techniques and better paint and materials, however have made going to such extremes unnecessary when repairing minor dents and dings caused by hail damage. PDR is a better alternative.

At Confident PDR, our master craftspeople can repair most hail damage to your vehicle without leaving a trace – using special tools that were designed not to damage the paint on your car. We’ll even tackle jobs that other PDR companies won’t touch – we are that confident in our expertise.

We also want to ensure that we earn your confidence. That’s why we are always willing to provide references from happy and satisfied customers.

Our Guarantee

The goal of PDR is to completely remove all traces of hail damage while keeping your vehicle’s original finish. If you notice any flaws in our work, it will be corrected for you quickly and free of charge because we believe that you deserve the best service and highest quality work that we can deliver.

That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today and see why we are a leader in hail car dent repair.

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Customer Testimonials

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Before the Repair Job

Hail storms can strike without warning. It can be frustrating realizing that your car is being damaged and that it is too dangerous (and too late) to move it to a safer location.

When the storm is over, survey the damage to your vehicle and if you can, take pictures. As long as you have comprehensive coverage, you should be covered by your insurance company. They will instruct you on how to proceed with the claim and may recommend a preferred Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) shop.

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After the Repair Job

Once our technicians start working on your vehicle, it will be repaired in a timely manner. The actual length of time, of course is going to vary based on the extent of the damage. Remember, that hailstorms can cause widespread damage so there could be a longer wait time if there are numerous customers who require repair on their cars and trucks.

It is always best to work with a company such as Confident PDR that is willing and able to work with your insurance company.

All Vehicles Accepted