The Best Hail Car Dent Removal for Calgary Residents

When Calgary residents get hail damage to their vehicles they can trust Confident PDR for their expertise in hail car dent removal. Confident uses a process called paintless dent removal (PDR) to smooth out dings and dents without damaging the cars’ finish or causing the need to re-paint.

Traditional dent repair calls for extensive body work. Very often a section of the vehicle must be cut out from the vehicle and then a new piece needs to be welded back in. Not only does this mean that more scrap metal is going into our landfills, but it also means that your entire car may need to be re-painted, thereby lowering its re-sale value.

Paintless dent repair is different. In the last 25 years or so, advancement to vehicle finishes now mean that auto paint is more durable and flexible and now dents can often be repaired without damaging that finish.

hail car dent removal

How we repair your hail damage

If your car or truck has suffered damage from hail, the first call that you should make is to your insurance company. Your second call should be to Confident PDR. We are an approved vendor for paintless dent removal with all the major insurance companies.

The dent is accessed either by removing inner panels or trim pieces or through the windows. Using specialized tools and the process of PDR, it is now possible to repair dents caused by hail without cracking your car’s original finish.

Our expert technicians will gently tap out dents and dings from behind the dent in order to restore your vehicle to its original condition. Any marks that remain once the dent has been smoothed out, will be polished away. A light tunnel is then used to ensure that we didn’t miss any spots. Our aim is to bring your vehicle as close to perfection as possible. Many customers are amazed to see that there is no visible evidence of their car having ever been damaged.

Retain and restore the value of your car

You probably would already assume that dings and dents in your car lower its value. But did you know that re-painting also lowers the value? It’s best to keep the original finish whenever possible. PDR makes it possible to keep that finish – even after your vehicle has been through a serious hailstorm.

Faster and less costly service than conventional body work

Compared to other types of dent repair, PDR is also less costly and quicker. In a case where traditional body repair might take seven to ten days, a PDR job can often be completed in less than two. That also means more convenience for you and less time being without your vehicle.

With less labour time involved, and no need for paint or fillers, this also makes PDR less costly when compared to other methods.

hail car dent removal

Why Choose Us?

Confident PDR has been serving car owners since 2001 as Certified Master Craftsmen. We adhere to the highest standards of quality and customer service, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today and learn for yourself why we are Calgary’s choice for hail car dent removal.