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Anyone who has ever been caught in a hailstorm can testify to the fact of how suddenly they can develop in Edmonton. And if you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have had your car or truck in such a storm, you how much damage they can cause to your vehicle’s exterior. Fortunately, the experts at Confident PDR specialize in repairing vehicles that have been dented and damaged by hail.

hail car dent removal

What is PDR?

PDR stands for paintless dent removal. It is a process by which dents are tapped and massaged out of a car’s body without the need for replacing panels, using fillers or having to re-paint the vehicle. There are a number of ways that technicians can access the dent from behind in order to push it back out but it is usually by removing trim pieces or inner panels.

Starting at the outside edge of the dent, the metal is eased back to its original shape until finally, there is no dent to be seen. Any bulges are gently tapped back into place and any marks are polished away.

Finally we perform quality control using special lights that will cast shadows if there are any traces of dents or damage left behind. We don’t stop our work until your car is back to normal.

Many of our customers can’t believe their eyes when they see how perfect their car looks after a repair job when just days before it had sustained so much damage.

What makes PDR different?

In many ways PDR is a preferred method of hail damage repair than conventional body work. By not needing to use fillers or paint, this process helps to retain the value of your vehicle – since repainted vehicles have a lower resale value than those with their original finish.

Compared to other methods for repairing hail damage, PDR is also less costly and takes less time. Where a conventional repair might take well over a week for completion, paintless dent removal usually takes only a maximum of two days.

PDR is also a more environmentally responsible option. This is so for two reasons, the first is that – because there are no paints or fillers being used – there are no toxic chemicals involved in the process. The second reason is, that since no panels will need to be replaced, it cuts down on the amount of scrap being sent into the landfills.

hail car dent removal

Why Choose Us?

Confident PDR has been serving car owners since 2001 as Certified Master Craftsmen. We adhere to the highest standards of quality and customer service, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today and learn for yourself why we are Calgary’s choice for hail car dent removal.