Hail Damage? Call London’s Choice in Paintless Dent Removal!

You do your best to keep your car in great shape – you get the regular maintenance, and drive responsibly. But if an unexpected hailstorm sweeps through London, it can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle in the form of dents and dings.

It used to be that such an event would be a catastrophe, requiring extensive body work to remove all those little divots. And afterward, your car would require a whole new paint job. It would never look new again because it would be noticeable that the finish was not the original.

Fortunately, we have come a long way since then and a process called paintless dent removal (PDR) is now a viable option for repairing most vehicle damage that has been caused by hail. And at Confident PDR, we have over 15 years’ experience in providing this service to our customers.

hail car dent removal

What is PDR?

Just as the name suggests, paintless dent removal is a process by which both small and larger dents can be repaired without having to re-paint any part of the vehicle. Technicians use long tools to reach behind the dent – either through the trimming or interior panels – and massage out the dent. Starting from the outside edge of the dent, they work the metal back to its original position. The dent becomes smaller and smaller until eventually, it cannot be seen at all.

Most customers are amazed to see how perfect their car looks after the dent repair, because even upon very close inspection, there is no visible evidence that there was ever any hail damage in the first place. This is because our process for quality control is so rigorous. Using a hail light which will cast shadows on any imperfections, we locate even the smallest of divots and repair each one until the vehicle is smooth again.

Why is PDR preferred over traditional body work?

Whenever possible, it is best to go with a process that won’t require re-painting or re-finishing to your vehicle. This is because when all other things are equal, cars and trucks with their original finish will always have a higher re-sale value than those that have been repainted. Even if it’s just a small section of the vehicle that has been re-painted (such as a fender), it will still affect the value.

Other advantages are that PDR is a much quicker and comparatively less expensive process than traditional body work. A body shop may take a week or longer to repair hail damage and PDR can often be performed in one or two days.

Finally, this method is also a “greener” option because there is no use of fillers or sprays with toxic chemicals. And because no replacement panels need to be welded into the vehicle, there are no scrap parts being sent to the junk yard.

hail car dent removal

Why Choose Us?

Confident PDR is the trusted expert in London for repairing hail damage to cars and trucks. Our technicians adhere to the highest standards of quality and customer service. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.