Hail Damage Repair in Montreal

When residents of Montreal sustain damage to their vehicles as the result of a hailstorm or other non-collision events, they can trust the expertise of the technicians at Confident PDR to restore their cars and trucks back to their original beauty.

Unexpected hail can leave a vehicle looking dimpled and dented but fortunately, thanks to the high quality finishes on modern cars, the paint is rarely damaged. This makes it possible to restore the vehicle using a technique known as paintless dent removal (PDR).

hail car dent removal

What is paintless dent removal?

PDR differs significantly from traditional body work. With traditional body work, in order to correct the damage caused by hail, it may be necessary to actually replace panels or use fillers to smooth over dents. It is almost always necessary to do some re-painting which will ultimately lower the value of the vehicle.

With PDR however, the car’s original finish is not affected. Our technicians use specialized equipment in order to reach and repair the dent from the opposite side and work out the metal back into its original position. If any bulging results from this process, it is tapped back into shape with tools that are designed not to damage the paint.

Customers are often astounded at the finished results because the hail damage completely repaired, and there is no trace of damage left on the vehicle.

Advantages of this process

This process has several advantages over traditional body work. In addition to preserving your vehicle’s original finish, this process takes less time and is less costly.

It’s also better for the environment because it does not use harsh chemicals such as fillers and sprays and it involves actually fixing panels instead of replacing them.

hail car dent repair
hail car dent removal

Is this process right for my vehicle?

To know for sure whether this process will work for your car or truck, the dents should be examined by one of our technicians. As long as your vehicle has a modern paint finish (is a 1990 model or newer) however, and no damage has been caused to the paint, PDR is likely the best choice for restoring it.

Today’s automotive finishes are very durable and flexible and are not usually damaged by minor dents and dings that have not been caused by collisions. Mishaps such as being caught in a hailstorm or even being hit by another vehicle’s door in a parking lot, may leave a dent but they don’t usually break the finish.

Both small and larger dents can be repaired using this process and it is suitable for expensive vehicles as well as economy ones.

Why choose Confident

When Montreal is hit with a hailstorm and your vehicle is one of the victims, it’s important to take it to an expert who will treat it with the utmost care and who is able to make it look like new again.

The professional technicians at Confident are committed to the highest standards of quality. Your satisfaction is our first priority and we back that up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your vehicle has dents caused by hail, call us today and find out how we can help.