Hail Dent Repair for Ottawa Residents

Many residents of Ottawa rely on their vehicles for both their work and leisure activities. When cars and trucks become damaged because of hail, it can be a huge inconvenience. Traditional body repair work is expensive and can leave car owners without their vehicles for a week or longer. And even once it’s fixed, it is never quite the same afterward.

Paintless dent removal (PDR), is the newer and better alternative to eliminating dings and dents caused by hail and other non-collision related mishaps. And Confident PDR, is a leader in the field.

hail car dent removal

How PDR works

When a vehicle becomes dented and yet receives no damage to its paint job (as is usually the case with hail damage), it is often possible to repair the dent without affecting the vehicle’s finish. This means less time in the shop, a comparatively lesser expense, and that your car retains its original paint job and preserves more of its value.

Dents are accessed from the back by going through interior panels or trimming. Technicians work out the dent from behind with specialized tools and then gently tap back down and bulges. If there are any marks left on the car once the dent has been fixed, it is polished away until it blends in and is no longer visible.

Is PDR right for my vehicle?

The paintless repair of hail damage is possible thanks to advancements in paints and finishes on vehicles. Paint on older vehicles (made in model years prior to 1990) is more brittle and cracks easily, and so PDR would not work for them.

After 1990 however, vehicle paint became more durable and flexible – making this technique of repair a viable option. So as long as your car is less than 25 years old, there has been no damage to the paint where the dent is and that there has also been no previous body work at the location of the dent, there is a good chance that PDR will be your best choice.

Even much larger dents – such as those that might be caused by a car door or shopping cart – can be repaired with this process, so long as the paint has remained intact.

No matter what the make and model of your vehicle is, Confident PDR is able to repair hail damage. We work on everything from basic economy cars to high end luxury and sports cars.

hail car dent removal

Why Choose Us?

Confident PDR has been serving car owners since 2001 as Certified Master Craftsmen. We adhere to the highest standards of quality and customer service, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today and learn for yourself why we are Calgary’s choice for hail car dent removal.