Regina residents choose Confident PDR
for their hail damage repair

When hail rains down from the sky, it can cause a lot of damage to vehicles. And when this happens, the residents of Regina can trust the professionals from Confident PDR to make the dents and dings on their cars and trucks disappear.

Our process

Confident PDR uses a process called paintless dent removal (that’s what the PDR stands for!). Like the name suggests, this is a method for repairing dents that won’t require us to re-paint any part of your vehicle afterward. Your car’s original finish is not altered.

Our technicians use specialized tools to reach behind the dent (usually by going through trimming or inner panels) and gradually work it out. Starting at the outside of the dent, we start pushing the metal back out to its original pushing as we move inward – until eventually the hail damage is not noticeable to the naked eye.

Because modern vehicle paint finishes are more durable and flexible than they used to be, this can be accomplished without cracking the paint.

Why is PDR preferred?

It’s not often that a process comes along that is not only significantly better, but also takes less time and is less expensive – but that is exactly what you have with PDR.

Anytime that you have to re-paint a vehicle – even if it’s just a portion of it – it lowers that vehicle’s value. So our method, is better for car owners in that respect. The time it takes for repair is also significant. Where traditional body work might take well over a week or two, PDR can be finished in a day or two.

It is also a more environmentally conscious choice because there is no need for the dangerous chemicals that are associated with sprays and fillers. And because we are actually fixing your panels rather than replacing them, there are no parts being disposed of.

hail car dent removal

Why Confident is the right choice

As PDR becomes a more common method of hail damage repair, there are more choices in where you take your vehicle for dent removal. But it is still important that you trust an expert with experience in the business and who has a commitment to excellence.

Confident has been repairing hail damage since 2001 as a Certified Master Craftsmen and we have a long list of happy customers and testimonials to prove the quality of our work. Most customers are amazed when they see how their formerly damaged vehicle looks like new again after only a day or two in our shop.

We are also an approved repair shop by all the major insurance companies, and we are willing to work directly with your insurance company to make sure that your claim goes as smoothly as possible.

Finally, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with any aspect of our work, we will correct it free of charge. So if your car or truck has hail damage, don’t wait. Call us today and find out why we are the leader in Regina for paintless dent repair.