The Best Hail Car Dent Removal for Calgary Residents

Confident PDR is the expert in hail damage repair in the city of Saskatoon. When an unexpected hailstorm occurs, vehicles can take a pounding and cars and trucks are left with multiple dings and dents while car owners are left with the frustration of wondering what to do next.
hail car dent repair

What to do when hail strikes

Safety is the most important consideration during a hailstorm. If you find yourself outside, seek shelter right away. And if you are inside, stay there until the storm subsides.

Once the storm is over, there will be plenty of time to assess any damage to your vehicle. If you have a phone or camera on you, take pictures of the damage and then contact your insurance company.

If you have comprehensive coverage on your insurance, repair for damage caused by hail will be covered. Ask your insurance agent if Confident PDR is one of their approved repair shops. As long as you’re working with one of the major insurers, we should be!

What is PDR?

PDR stands for paintless dent removal and it is a process by which dings and dents are repaired without damaging or affecting the vehicle’s original finish. Technicians reach through inner panels and trimmings with specialized tools in order to get behind the dent.

They then begin to push and massage the metal back to its original shape until the dent is no longer visible to the naked eye. Any leftover marks are then polished away until there are no signs that any hail damage ever occurred.

Because this all can be done without cracking or breaking the car’s paint, your vehicle retains its original finish.

hail car dent repair
hail car dent removal

When is this technique the right choice?

Paintless dent removal can be performed on both large and small dents where the paint has not been damaged. Hail damage is the most common, but these types of dents may also be caused by other non-collision mishaps such as someone’s car door hitting the side of your vehicle.

Other considerations are the age of your car. Cars from model years prior to 1990 likely do not have durable enough finishes to make this technique and option. Also, if you’ve had previous body work to the area of the car that needs to be repaired, PDR may not be possible.

For almost all other vehicles however, PDR is a great choice. It is less costly and takes less time than traditional body work. At Confident PDR, we have experience in repairing hail damage on all types of vehicles.

Why select Confident PDR for your hail damage repair?

Confident PDR has been repairing hail damaged vehicles since 2001. We are experts in our field and we have the happy customers to prove it.

Our highly trained and professional technicians are dedicated to performing a quality job – it’s our goal to get your car as close to perfect as we possibly can. In fact, we are so committed to ensuring a quality job, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Book your appointment today and find out why we are Saskatoon’s hail damage repair expert.