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Paintless Dent Removal is Our Specialty

Most people have never heard of paintless dent removal (PDR) – after all, it’s not something that really affects their lives… that is until someone parks too close to you and hits your car with their door or an unexpected hailstorm leaves your formerly shiny new vehicle looking more dimpled than a golf ball.

Why PDR is preferred over conventional dent repair

Conventional body work can be an involved and expensive process and there was a time, when it was the only way to repair damage left behind by hail. After a conventional repair is completed, a full paint job is often necessary in order to hide the area that has been worked on. This fact has often caused people to forgo repairs completely and settle for driving a vehicle that is now both less attractive and less sellable.

With paintless dent removal however, your car’s original finish is not damaged and so, painting is not required.

The Confident PDR Guarantee

The Confident PDR Guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our dent repair procedures

Advantages of PDR include:

  • No Painting

    Body filler and painting are not required

  • Save Money

    Less costly than other types of dent repair

  • Save Time Too

    Takes less time than conventional dent repair

  • Your Car will Look The Same

    There are no visible signs of repair after dent has been removed.

  • Keep Your Factory Paint

    Vehicle’s original finish is retained and therefore resale value will be higher compared to a re-painted car or truck.

  • No Replacement Parts

    Your vehicle won’t need replacement parts which means less materials going to landfills.

How it works

Thanks to more durable paints and finishes being used on today’s vehicles the whole process of dent repair has been made simpler, quicker and more effective.

Using specialized tools designed not to damage paint, technicians massage out dents from behind in order to restore them to their original shape. Trim pieces or inner panels may have to be removed in order to get access to the dent. Light is shone across the surface of the panel so that any shadows caused by dents are easily noticed. The dent is worked on until it blends in with the rest of the car and disappears completely.

What kinds of dents can be repaired with PDR?

If a dent has not been caused by a collision and the paint has not been damaged, PDR is usually a viable option. Whether your vehicle has been the victim of a hailstorm, a careless car door or a runaway shopping cart; whether the dent is small or large, this type of service can usually restore it to its original condition.

The following are some criteria for determining whether a vehicle is a candidate for paintless dent removal:

  • Modern Cars

    Vehicles made in 1990 or later

  • Clean Paint

    There are no breaks or scratches in the paint

  • Away from panels

    The dent is not located near the edge of the panel

  • No Previous Body repairs

    Body repair has not been previously done on the panel.

Paintless dent removal is a simple and affordable solution to what can be a very frustrating problem. The experts at Confident PDR have been serving customers across Canada since 2001 and they are leaders in their field. Don’t settle for driving around in a dented and dimpled car – let us restore your vehicle to its original shape.